Mozilla Celebrates Their Decade With New Feature Release

Ten years before Mozilla launched Firefox for online browsing. The company celebrates 10th anniversary of Firefox release with launch of new features that asked by audience.

In the Mozilla blog, vice president of Firefox - Johnathan Nightingale wrote that,"10 years ago we built Firefox to give you a choice. The Web was a monoculture and the only way in was through the company that controlled your operating system. We believed then, and so did many of you, that the Web deserved an independent alternative. Today hundreds of millions of people trust Firefox because they understand that we’re different; that our independence lets us put you first."

The survey conducted on Octobor 2014 over 7000 adults and founded that 74 percent of them thinks that internet companies had too much information about their behaviors and an additional 54 percents of people feel that they wouldn’t like to be tracked on the internet.
Firefox willing to rectify these issues, so what it is going to do?

DuckDuckGo Comes with Standard

DuckDuckGo is the core search engine of Firefox and it is build upon three core values:
·         Privacy
·         Less clutter
·         Smarter Search
If you willing to surf internet without being tracked someone, DuckDuckGo is the great alternative to Google or Bing. Most of the online users feel very uncomfortable with being tracked. Here DuckDuckGo doesn’t have any tracking abilities and unable to customize users experience based on their search history.